Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Solar energy as a renewable energy offers substantial opportunities for lighting up the streets and provide reliable lighting with additional benefits of avoiding the negative environmental effects. The modular nature of solar energy technologies make them particularly suitable for capital-constrained countries.

Socio-economic Benefits


Energy saving is the important part, Save 1 KWH electricity, is about a kilogram of carbon dioxide emissions reduction´╝ł0.97kg


Road lighting electricity occupy for a larger share in the city street lamp operating expenses, lighting system after energy-saving reconstruction, more than 50% lower electricity bills, greatly reducing the municipal department of finance expenditure

Solar Energy

Streetlight Technology

  • Provides an economical and sustainable solution where street lights are required in the absence of a practical local mains power supply.
  • Street lighting is an ideal application for solar energy.
  • Solar panels charge a battery and this energy is used to power the lamp during the night.
  • The Street light is delivered as a self contained unit and can be installed anywhere and run maintenance free
  • Easy to install (no cabling required)
  • Reliable street lighting
  • Ultra efficient lighting
  • No electricity supply required
  • Avoids digging of trenches between poles

Every year, one solar street light can save 657w of electricity . Now if a single solar street light is installed, there is a total of 6,570 KWH saved, this results in a saving of over P13,500 including a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions per year. Social and economic benefits are obvious as well as great energy value.