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    One stop shop for

    All things solar

    Solar Panels, Batteries, Garden Lights,
    Chargers, Backpacks, Solar Torches.
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    What We Can Do ?
    Securing a green future
    We have a competent team that is
    capable of delivering on our projects.
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    We are
    Renewable energy is what we specialize in
    we provide the most efficient and cost friendly solutions
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What We Do

Our Services

New Energy Company (Pty)Ltd is an integrated independent solar power producer, delivering affordable, rapidly deployable and sustainable source of clean energy worldwide

Solar Energy

Solar energy as a renewable energy offers substantial opportunities for lighting up the streets and provide reliable lighting

Solar Products

We sell a large array of solar products from solar panels, batteries, street lights and garden lamps

Solar Equipment

We supply poles and other equipment that makes it possible to errect solar structures.

Solar Projects

We have engaged in projects like the solar street lights at many different places in Zambia

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